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We can also assist with obtaining the following documents from South Africa

Unabridged  Birth Certificate

Vault Copy Birth Certificate Abridged Birth Certificate

Unabridged  Marriage Certificate

Vault Copy Marriage Certificate Abridged Marriage  Certificate

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South African Tel No:

  (012) 670 9010

or (012) 6709022

  Cel: 079 129 3224


Fax: 086 551 0082

 Courier and Head

Office Address:

57 Swarthout Street,




South Africa, 0157

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Police Clearance Certificate  - Criminal Record Certificate - Vehicle Police Clearance - Vehicle Export Clearance - Criminal Record Expunge mint - Apostille - Authentication

Vehicle Police Clearance certificate

Under certain circumstances a  Police Clearance must be obtained for Vehicles. The following can be classified as a vehicle: Mining Equipment, Construction Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Trucks, Quads, off road  motorbikes, Motor Cycles, Tractors, Trailers etc:

Vehicle Police Clearances must be obtained for:   • Stolen Recovered vehicle

  • Engine Change of a vehicle

  • VIN Updates

  • Export of vehicle

  • Import


  • Cross Border Visits

Vehicle Export Police Clearance or a SARPCO Clearance is needed to export any vehicle from South Africa of which the following vehicles are included In thedefinition. Motor.

The Vehicle export clearance is issued by a appointed member of the SAPS.The vehicle to be exported must be presented at the designated SAPS office depending on the area where the vehicle is registered.

The vehiclem must be presented with the necessar documents to obtain a Export police Clearance or a so called SARPCO clearance.

We assist in obtaining export Clearances - go to our information page form more information..
We assist with Vehicle export clearances at the following documents:
• Johannesburg Lang Laagte
• Roodepoort
• Benoni
• Centurion

 Vehicle Police Clearance for Cross Border Visit.

When you cross country borders it is advisable to obtain a Police Clearance in your country of origin that the vehicle is not stolen. This clearance will assist in unhindered border crossings and road blocks.

Police Clearance for Stolen Recovered Vehicles. It is important that a Stolen Recovered Vehicle that is recovered must must be presented to the SAPS to be police cleared, Before the vehicle is presented for a police clearance the investigating officer must first remove the S mark.
If a Police Clearance is not obtained after a stolen vehicle is recovered then:
• Vehicle Licenses can not be renewed.
• Transfer of ownership cannot be effected.
• Driver of a vehicle shown as stolen can be arrested

Police Clearance for Engine Change It is important that when a engine has been changed which means a change in engine number to obtain a Police Clearance. With the Police Clearance process the engine number will be updated on the enatis system.

Police Clearance for a built up vehicle is required to asitain that none of the parts were stolen The SAPS will in this process aso allocate unique identification numbers to the vehicle.

Vehicle Police Clearanse for deregisterd vehicles must be obtained to re-introduce the vehicle onto the system. This can be for vehicles that were de-registered due to being stolen or scrapped as well as vehicles being deregistered by defaul. De-registration by default usually happens when license fees were not paid for a extended period.

Vehicle Engine Police Clearance can be obtained before the engine is installed into a vehicle.

Vehicle Export Permit is needed when a vehicle is exported from South Africa. The export permit can only be obtained after a Police Clearance for the vehicle has been obtained. The Export permit is obtained from ITAC in Pretoria. Although fax copies of Export permits are legally acceptable it seems that cross border agencies prefer the originals due to the high incidence of fraud and vehicle theft .

We will:

• Obtain the relevant documentation

• Lodge your application for a Export Permit with DTI in Pretoria

• Obtain the export permit on your behalf.

Process to obtain a Vehicle Export Permit

Personal Police Clearance Certificate

 Also known as Arrest Record, Behaviour Certificate, No Objection Certificate,Certificate of Good Conduct, Certificate of Character, Rap Sheet, Criminal Record Certificate is a certificate issued by government agencies. In South Africa a police clearance certificate is issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Services pertaining the criminal record of a individual in South Africa.

A Police Clearance Certificate is a copy of your criminal record or a declaration of the absence of any criminal record. The issue Police Clearance  Certificates differs from  country to country and may be called different names I.e. police clearance certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, rap sheet, arrest record etc.

They are issued by police authorities or government departments and used by immigration authorities to asses the risk a individual poses for the specific country.

South African Police Clearance Certificates  are issued by the The Criminal Record Centre of  the South African Police Service which is situated in Pretoria/Tswane, Gauteng is the only institution in South Africa that can issue the certificates.

If you want to immigrate, work or study in a foreign country , you and your dependants may have to provide police certificates when you submit your applications. Visa offices may also request certificates from students and temporary foreign workers. e? In general, you and everyone in your family from the age of 18  need a police clearance certificate from every country where you lived, worked or studied for more than six months. Police Clearance certificates may also be required for certain careers.

Police Clearance certificates are usually valid for 12 months but it is the prerogative of the institution who wants the certificate to state the required age of the certificate. In some instances not older than 3 months.

Police Clearance Certificates can be Legalised by Apostille and/or Authentication

Prosess to follow to obtain a Clearance Certificate.

• Obtain a set of fingerprints from  our local police  or a certified fingerprint taker. If you   are abroad or from the South African Police if you are in South Africa.

 • Go to the application page on this website and download the necessary forms

 • Complete the authorisation and client sheet .

 • Courier or post ( Registered post) the application which will include a set of   fingerprints, authorisation, client sheet, copy of passport or id.

• Please note that a photo copy, scanned copy or faxed copy of fingerprints is    not accepted.

 • Courier Address: GMTM Consultants ,  57 Swarthout Street,    Doringkloof,     Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa,    0157

 • On receipt of the documents we will send you a invoice with banking details.

We will see to the processing of the application for a Police Clearance Certificate and on completion get it delivered, posted or courier ed to you.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to expidite the issue of Police Clearance Certificates and it takes between 15 and 21 working days . If the applicant has a prior conviction the issue time can take up to a few months.

Police Clearance certificates are issued in English and if the certificate is required in another language the services of a professional translator, registered at the High Court, must be obtained.

Duplicate police Clearance Certificates can be obtained within six months after  the issue of the original certificate. There after  a application must be done from scratch.

Fingerprints used for applications are only kept for 6 months , thereafter new fingerprints must be issued.

Copies of Police Clearance Certificates can be ordered with the original application.

Police Clearance certificate Example

Vehicle Export Clearance Example ExampleExample

A Criminal record can be Expunged if certain criteria is met for example:

 • Jail sentence was not compulsary

 •Ten years has expired  since the conviction.

 •A maximum fine of

 R 20 000

Vehicle Export Clearance Example ExampleExample

Please do not hesitate to ask for the owner Gawie Maritz